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God's own country - KERALA - let me take you on a verbal trip of one of the most beautiful state of india. (part 1)

A state situated at the southern tip of india covered with greenery and decorated with the embroidery of cultural threads woven with different colours of tradition. Each thread connecting one community to the other and bringing the fragrance of the various cultures and flavours of spices together. Kerala is a world in its own to be experienced by everyone to live the most relaxed pollution free moments that can be treasured for eternity. It holds the secrets of ayurveda and a healthy life along with the adventures that take you from the depths of the sea, the flowing of rivers to walking through the mountains.

Kerala is known for its wounderful landscapes, the beauty of nature that unfolds from the highest tip of mountain range of western ghats/sahyadri mountains to the depth of the majestic arabian sea and the twisted canals of back waters that glorifies the beauty of its cities.

As we will walk together in this exhilarating tour of kerala, we shall unfold the various beautiful locations, cultures and tradition of the gods own country.

Jul 27, 2022 by Admin